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Ämne: [DevLog] My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Banans

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    Just a short update:

    This week I don't really have anything to show, since the focus has been on making some cutscene-type tools and there are no exciting cutscenes made... yet. I've been trying to deal with the age old trouble of seamlessly syncing up the animation of two different objects in the scene. I've been thinking of making a video similar to the one showing the level design tools, just to share the ideas I've been playing with. Let me know if this sounds interesting and I might get a video together!

    Soon I'll be able to make a (probably temporary) start to the game with some tutorials and stuff followed by some much overdue testing of the actual game with actual people who aren't me or my girlfriend (gosh... scary)!

    I guess that's all I've got to say for now.
    Until next time.

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    Guess who's back. Back again.
    It's been a while since my last update. The reason being that I've been doing a lot of work on stuff that isn't too exciting, or even possible, to show. Basically I've been putting a lot of effort in to having some sort of start to the game, with the intention of being able to hand over the game to someone and have them play the game without me explaining anything.

    So yes, now there's a system in place for making cutscenes, timing speech bubbles and having on screen button prompts. Still lots of work to be done in those areas, but at least there's something to start with now!

    Anyways, so earlier in the week I took a bit of a break from that kind of work and suddenly felt I had to make a mech enemy. It seems to fit with all the other new enemy types and my general idea for the setting of the game. Also it makes for a pretty cool enemy.

    Check it out:

    In addition to all of this I've been working on little tweaks in the controls of the player and feel like I have managed to iron out some of the major stuff I was doubting before, hopefully making it easier for more people to play the game without limiting the potential for the most skilled players.

    And also, here are some screenshots of some of the new areas showing the current state of the button prompts and tutorials.

    That's it for now! Again, could be a little while before next update. Let's see.
    Until then.
    Chip chip ploop.

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    It's high time for another update, don't you think?

    Despite the lack of posts lately, things are moving on steadily! There's been quite a bit of work on stuff I can't really show in a screenshot or GIF, like implementing a checkpoint system so that you don't have to restart the whole level when you die.

    However, there are a few things I can show off, like some of the HUD work that's been going on. Check it:

    Here's a snazzy little animation that let's you know when you've picked up a new weapon and what type of weapon it is.

    I've also made it so that you can now hold down a key/button to bring up this weapon selector. And while choosing your weapon, time slows down extra much in order to help you plan your next move.

    I also did a little bit of work getting the ammo and health HUD to match with the new look. I'm still not sure how final all of this is, but it'll work for now!

    After putting quite a bit of work in to lots of smaller things, I've been excited to FINALLY sit down and start focusing on actually making gameplay for the whole big game. I've started white boxing some new levels, like this obligatory roof top level below (can't have an action game without a roof top level):

    Also, here's a little bonus GIF of some of the trickery that you can do in the game.

    And there you have it! Though there are probably a bunch of stuff I forgot to mention. But mainly I just wanted to let you all know the game is coming along nicely.

    I've actually managed to have a little bit of a break too, in the hopes of saving myself from a complete burn out. It's also healthy to try and get a bit of distance from the game from time to time. Luckily enough, when I came back to play the game after the break I really really enjoyed it! And I hope you will too, one day

    That's all for now! And again, it could be a while before the next update. I want to get stuck in and super focused on making loads of fun levels!

    Until next time,
    High fives all around! High five!

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    It's hiiiigh tiime... foor.. an update!

    Gosh, it's already been two months since last update. Time flies! But just because there hasn't been any updates, doesn't mean there hasn't been any progress.

    Up until about two weeks ago I was mainly focusing on making white box levels, which I've found to be quite tricky to share in a DevLog update, hence the lack of updates. But now! Now, now I've got some new exciting things to share with you all.

    Let's start with something that I've been pondering for a while: A high-speed motorcycle chase sequence!

    It's still in a very early stage (as with most things currently in this game) but I feel like I've proven that the gameplay is really good fun and totally worth investing the time to polish it up.

    The next thing that gets me really excited is this new move I've added to the core mechanics of the game. You can now spin in the "local y-axis of the player" to dodge bullets. Check it out:

    ... Adding this was pretty huge for me since it opened up possibilities of more challenging enemies later on in the game. It also makes you feel like a total bad-ass when pulled off right.

    So! After adding the spin-dodge I started sketching out some new heavier looking guards which take a bit more damage and are generally a bit harder to deal with. This is what they currently look like:

    The idea is that these guards will be working for whatever will end up being the big bad boss you're fighting in this game. So I thought it could be cool if they could appear in different, more surprising, ways from the other "gangster" enemies. So I started experimenting with having them rappel through glass ceilings:

    Another little thing I thought could make things interesting is adding some other technology to these guards arsenal. I made these little "shield projectors" which you have to destroy before being able to shoot the guards. I believe placing these shield projectors in interesting places can create some nice gameplay.

    And finally I've done a quick experiment with this "laser-detection-mine" which homes in on you if you're detected.

    Aside from all of this there has been quite a lot of little tweaks and things going on in various places. There are some new levels and all in all I think there is currently about 1 hour worth of unedited gameplay (that's me speed-running through it). Some of that will probably be scrapped, but there will definitely be loads more to come.

    That is all for now. I can't make any promises about when the next update is coming, as per usual. Just trying to keep my head down and stay busy!

    So until next time,


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